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Why box spring beds can help against back pain?

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Proper lying is not self-evident

One-third of his life is spent lying down. Real lying is very important for our back. The body uses this time for regeneration – the spinal musculature is relieved and the intervertebral disc can relax. But so that the body can relax optimally while lying, certain conditions must be met. If the relaxation phases are disturbed, the regeneration remains incomplete and the intervertebral disc tissue is only insufficiently supplied with nutrients. Painful tension and persistent back pain are often the results. If you want to prevent these symptoms, you should treat yourself to a healthy sleeping pad. For example, boxspring beds offer extremely high and healthy sleeping comfort.

What’s so special about a box spring bed?

Although box spring beds have been around since the end of the 19th century and enjoy great popularity in America. It is quite possible that you have already been on a cruise or in an exclusive hotel in the box spring bed – in these areas, the bedding is very popular. But box spring beds can do more! Their extremely high sleeping comfort makes them an optimal choice for the home bedroom.

The special feature of a box spring bed is its construction. It consists of several components that can be individually tailored to each other. The basis of the bed is a feather box. It replaces the slatted base of the conventional bed. The spring box contains a continuous, up to 20 cm high innerspring, which is held by a sturdy wooden construction.

On this spring core, housing is the actual mattress. Of course, the design and hardness of the mattress can be individually selected. In pocket spring mattress, the number of springs is crucial. The more springs are used for a mattress, the greater is the point elasticity: The mattress gives exactly where a load is created. So it can adapt optimally to the lying body and ensures a sustained, deep relaxation of the muscles. Take benefits of mattress sales near my location.

A normal bed would be over at this point, but the box spring bed has another location to offer: the topper. This extra mattress topper reinforces the positive effect of the box spring construction. By selecting the right topper, you can modify the desired reclining properties of a box spring bed according to your personal preferences.